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About Us :

Bhartiya Sanskriti Suraksha evam Manav Kalyan Samiti (Trust) is an Social organization which is dedicated to the educational, cultural, spiritual and charitable programs for Human welfare and bel ive in all enlightened sage (Nanak, Buddha, Ram, Krishna, Kabir, Mohd. Sahab, Jesus) and their views, keepin in mind that Dharm is one for all. It is a well organized group of people from different nations working for Yo ga and world peace.

At our website, our mission is to be a reliable, balanced, and for the devotees, friends and people interested to promote Indian Culture for upliftment of the mora lity. In this regard we are providing awaking knowledge of morality through monthly magazine 'Yatharth Sandesh'.

we also provide visitors with insightful and thought-provoking news and the real and pure thoughts through our Param pujya guru maharaj Swami Shri Bajranand Ji Maharaj via quality writing, photographic, audio, and video media. It is our conviction that such a resource will help to create a more well-informed way of Peace to all volunteers and devotees in the world.

Revered Gurudev Swami Shri Bajranand Ji Maharaj the Founder of Trust was the disciple of Paramara dhya Swami Shri Adgadanand Ji Maharaj. From the begining all the enlightend sage achieved the God in devine light. that is said by Lord Shri Krishna to his disciple Arjun, " O Arjun! it was I who taught the etern al yog to the Sun-(Vivaswat), who then taught it to Manu, who taught to Ikshwaku, derived from tradition, this yog was known to sages of the royal stage, but at this point, it declined and was almost extinct. That is the timele ss yog which I now impart to you." That timeless yog was imparted from Pujya Satsangi Maharaj to Pujya Paramhans ji Maharaj and then it is imparted to supreem yogi Pujya Swami Adgadanand Ji Maharaj with other grea t enli ghtend sage. So after attaining this yog from his Gurudev, Pujya Gurudev Maharaj Swami Shri Bajranand Ji Maharaj gave us the true translation of Yog Darshan.

There was a time when Ind ian culture was respected in the whole world. It was because it consisted all the ingredients of world unity and universal peace. The growing fascination for materialism brought in perversions, and the result is before o f us to see. Today we; not even our representatives are safe. After every heart rending tragedy and incident we just offer condolences and funeral speeches and conveniently forget calling it as irreparable loss, of the s ociety and the country. But we don’t try to encourage and follow our old culture and values safe which ensures peaceful and secured. Such culture was in India some time in the past and the world recognized it as a grea t culture. Through this mission, we wish to go ahead with our endeavour to make man of the world at large to recognize himself once again and his real life and invoke the pioneers of humankind who ever and where ever the y be to save humankind and their respective country.

Shri Paramhans Ashram, A prominent place 7 KM. from the Shivpuri district at Gwalior Road. This is the final destination to the sp iritual seeker of Yog Marg that define Dharm and Yog irrelavent of sects. Here lots of Saints, Sadhak and devotees attend the discourse by an enlightened sage Swami Shri Bajranand ji Maharaj. Ashram consists of three vis iting place namely Shri Parmanandeshwar Mahadev Temple, Samadhi Sthal and Sadguru Darbaar. The spiritual aura of the Ashram embraces the whole City. Thousands of people come here to understand real definition Yog and Dha rm in a practical manner. You can get lots of spiritual books from here and get answer about spirituality in satisfactory manner by daily discourse of enlightened saints.

This is a na tional center for promoting and protecting Indian culture worldwide under Bhartiya Sanskriti Suraksha evam Manav Kalyan Samiti. Here many cultural and spiritual programs done regularly. People learn here how to permanent ly resolve our problems of life by the way of spirituality. Many litrature are released from here in 32 Indian and foreign languages to promote Indian culture. People come here from here from remote locations to do pract ice of Yoga and spirituality.

Ashram maintains a perfect ecological system that include a Cowshed (Goshaala), rain water harvesting, Gobar Gas, Varmi composting, Organic Farming, Plan tation as a solution for an idle village.

For More you can visit Ashram website www.yatharthsandesh.com and also get online solutions.

General Contacts Informatio n :

Bhartiya Sanskriti Suraksha evam Manav Kalyan Samiti (Trust)

Shri Paramhans Ashram, Villagae : Vinega, Tudabharka Road,

A. B. Road, Shivpuri-473638, (MP) INDIA

Office Address :

3/294, Suraj Vihar, Lax mibai Marg, Ramghat Road, Aligarh -202001 U.P. (India)

Website :www.yatharthsandesh.com, Email : yatharthsandesh@gmail.com

Founder : Paramhans Swami Shri Bajranand Ji Maharaj

President : S hri Ashutoshanand Ji

Mobile : +91 8989878800

Web Admin : +91 9412757091