Yatharth Sandesh
30 Mar, 2021(English)

How to stop Decay

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How to stop Decay

There will be hardly any country in the world which is free from violence, Strikes, bloodshed and destruction of public properly. what is the purpose behind such activities of man? Each representative and leader of every country takes an oath to serve the country and people and for their development and progress, still hundreads of children, men and women are being killed and lot of public property is being destroyed. Is it that road to development and progress passes through destruction? Does it show that our leaders and elected representative are advancing towards development of society? Thre are continuous conflicts in family, society and the country everywhere. The tendency to dominate over others is present everywhere. Is it not animal instinct? Those who are struggling for leadership should think that the responsibility of the work I am going to undertake or conspiring to take it and replace someone, how much satisfied is that person by his achievements. The result of every mundane work is unhappiness. If some one really wants to discharge his responsibility sincerely. Because no one wants to take any trouble without any gain or purpose. Man is restless and yet busy in mundane activities out of sheer greed for earning reputation or riches. But, in reality we see man losing every achievement in his own life time. Every one experiences humilation in his won family and by his won family members. Me who has tried to seek name, fame and money in his whole life has to bear with humiliation and neglect, one who has been running whole life after money, consipiring, and cheating others, has to leave this world with empty hands. What loss can be greater than this?
If a man gets a good company then certainly he can rise above this animal life and can lead an ideal life. Money, power, position and respect for which he is so restless; were achieved by his ancestors also. But, do they enjoy these achievements today? with all these achievements we should think, what we weill achieve finally. Leaders who have ill these things today, should think how long they will last.
Since this created world, whether only these few selective people are born. In this crealed world of billion of years old only these few people; whose life was also short are born so far, who knows those billious of unknown others who died ever since. Similarly, with the passage of time every thing, these monuments, their glory, name and fame gets destroyed. Everything gets buried inside earth, like Mohand Jodaro, Harappa and Pompey. Those who are remembered and honoured today who knows, where their spirits are haunting and suffering through different birthes. No one knows this. Boasting of bravery and fighting among themselves they expect the grace of God.
This whole world is creation of God. Those who hate each other are relegated to hell, while who love get the grace of God. Just think if eight sons of a father start fighting with swords and are killed then would their father be pleased by his lone surviving son's bravery. Definitely not! He would never love such a son.
Similarly, God, who is the father of this world can never be pleased by his sons fighting among each other. This is indeed a great tragedy. The kings who killed hundreds of innocent people to loot their wealth and treasures have no inheritors of that wealth. There is no one to light a lamp in their memory. This achievement can not even save their souls from taking several mean birth forms as birds and animals.
The achievements of this world for which people cheat each other, fight and kill are ever-lasting. Why does man not learn a lesson from the people in the past?
Alaxendar could not celebrate the joy of his achievements. He could not survive to enjoy the fruits of his achievements even for a day more. Hitlar after his victory had lost his wits for quite some time. After continous victories one after another defeat is certain one day. A conquorer never thinks this bitter truth. The history is full of fighting, batteles and wars, but the problems still exist as before. War could never solve human problems nor they can solve in future.
A leader may seem to be all powerful and there may be peace for sometime. But the vanquished and exploited group when is organised and united rises again against the ruler, it is so irresistible and powerful that it can not be suppressed and it results in a revolt which is always very catastrophic for mankind.
This has been going on since time immemorial. A powerful person rules for sometime. When he becomes weak another powerful person replaces him. He treats him as he had treated weaker persons earlier during his hay days. Man has been always trying to rule over others. Thus infact man who actually can not rule for ever, but he succeeds in sowing the seeds of revange and hatred, as result of which hundreds of people are killed and murdered for no reason. Do such acts of inhumanity of our leaders not prove thier cruel nature and mentality. cna there be any atmosphere of fraternity and peace with such acts and feelings towards our own people.
This is really something to be thought over seriously as to why man wants to rule over others. God has created man to love each others and not to hate or kill and show enmity. The conquest of love is the conquest. our representatives in the past have become immortal by sowing the seeds of love and noble deeds and have thus generates love, respect for themselves which no one can from our hearts and minds. Can cruel and selfish people similarly make such unforgetable place in our heart. Therefore the victory by love is the real victory and such a victory alone is free from fear and is long lasting.
Victory by cruelaty always keeps one always surrounded with fear. He is always afraid of his enemy's activities and plans. When his enemy becomes strong, his victory changes with defeat. Man is created to live in love and peace. He alone is endowed with kindness. God has given him even the right to rule over his created world whatever is seen is created for man. All other living beings are under his power and control. They live and survive on his kindness. God has not given this great power to man to behave anyway as he likes and transgress his limits. Is there any country today where there is no violence to rule over each other?
Today we see man is ready to go to any extentand do anything for money, power and position, while nothing is everlasting. The blame, however for such a state of affairs ultimately goes to the so called intellectual and the representatives in the society.
There is nothing everlasting in this world. But man is ready to do even the meanest of the meaninst things for what is parishable. This has a impact and effect on his life. Man can not stop his decay and destruction by any mundane achievements. Any achievements by foul means come to an end soon but the consequences if such achievemnts one has to suffer for a long time through many births.
After people say that they never trouble others and try to help otherns according to their capacity, still the problems continue in their life. Sometime they feel like commmiting suicide. What is the reason behind such mentality and such state of things.
Man forgets that with his great power, position and enormous riches how he has played with lives of people, troubled and tortures innocent persons. Where will these actions and their results take him to? What ever man doesf and think come home to roost as suffering and unhappiness. So long their remains ever a single empresion we have to suffer in this cycle of life and death repeatedly in innumerable birth. and forms. It is to repay for our past actions we have take births. To become free from unhfappiness in life one has to free himself from all impresssions.
You should think that so long the impressions are there can be no escape even by commiting suicide. man forgets that what he is doing for power, position and wealth; all these things will be left behind. But the impression created by them will keep them unhappy for long long time.
To be free from all such impressions it is only spiritualism which is the real support for man. Sucide or holy bath in Ganga and different kinds of rituals can not redeem man from unhappiness and suffering born out of impressions. The child gets surrounded from unbearable pain and suffering with birth. He can not even express his suffering.
Let all people be happy and emancipated.

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