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30 Mar, 2021(English)

Geeta : Not just part of syllabus but Theology of the world.

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Geeta : Not just part of syllabus but Theology of the world.

Each country has her own theological Text. India who was the first to give the message of what is Dharm to the world has surprisingly no theological Text of her own to claim. We have national flag, anthem, animal, bird and flower but no specific theological text.
There was no other country like India in the world. The historians and travelers from other countries praised her great culture. It was because of her culture, India was once the leader of the world. Today, India seems to have lost that leadership and is compelled with other countries but she is now five times behind now : what is the reason behind?
India became slave as a result of her becoming oblivious of theology. After getting defeeted, sixteen times, by Prithviraj Chauhan, Mohammad Gouri defeated him in his seventeenth assault and captured him. During this time he made a large number of cows lead his army. Cows being sacred to hindus, Prithviraj thought protection of religion as better part of voleur and surrendered. Religion in India has been the main cause of many defeats. It was to save the religion, Maharana Pratap preferred to eat bread made of grass rather than share food with his brother Man Singh. Parents of Gyaneswar had to commit suicide to protect religion. Likewise millions of people were excommunicated by eating together and touching some other low-caste person. At present going on Iftar Parti (celebrated on Eid) is considered as point of power and prestige. A dentist using the same instruments does not defile religion. Blood bank does not lebel bottles with specific variety of caste or class. A fly that sits on filth of so called untouchables sits on food and body caste conscious persons and yet the religion is not defiled. Earlier, in India such things were not tolerated. This is indeed something that needs to be deplored. India has unfortunately has not been still able to formulate a definition of a true religion. It is the responsibility of every leader and social representative to familiarise people with the real spirit of Dharm.
If the national flag is not handled properly and is misused, it is an unpardonable offence and is severely criticised and condemned. Whether our president, prime minister, home minister or law minister has even thought that if any terrorist aftr killing many people covering himself with a tri-colour and tries to escape if shot at by some officer, will it not also be an offence of the national flag? If an enemy makes a wall of tricolour and advances, and captures wather of our territory, just as Mohammad Gouri had done. That is why it is of paramount importance that we know the reality about religion, because religions is something that comes under the jurisdiction of some enlightened saint.
There is no country or community in the world which is free from afflictions and problems. There is also no leader or representative who has any permanent solution to the present day problems. If it were so than every family society and country would have been leading a life free from any problems.
Seers of India were the first in the world to give an everlasting solution to the whole world, and it is still safe with them.
Geeta as told by Yogeshwar Sri Krishna is the only knowledge which ensures an everlasting solution of all the problems of mankind.
This knowledge at the very creation of the universe was delivered by the supreme to the Viwaswan, the Sun deity, who in turn passed to Manu or Adam this was conveyed to all men consequentially. Yogeshwar Sri Krishna said to Arjun this knowledge has got lost in the meantime, I am telling you the same again.
The Chief-minister of Mahdha Pradesh has not done any wrong by making Geeta, the theological possession of mankind an integral part of syllabus, Instead all young students will come to know our spiritual heritage and glorious pst and thus make them knowledgeable, charactered and ideal citizens of India. Because there ia not any such institution still in India where values of honesty and patriotism are taught and without these values no citizen and the boundaries of the country can remain secure.
Parents wish to see their children safe and happy, but the heritage, they would leave behind, can it make them secure? one who could not make his children believable, how can he as a leader or representative of a community make it believable and honests? One who can not make his family free from woes, worries and problems, how can he make his country free from problems? Is there father today who has made his son heir to all his property at his own age of 50 years. He is not sure that his son will give him two square meals regularly twice in a day respectefully during his old age.
'Geeta', undoubtedly is such an indisputable theology which prescribes such a patent process which would create trust among mankind and bring each other closer physically and mentaly, ensuring happy and peaceful life for all.
The famous Italian scientist and philosopher Galileo, in the year 1609 first invented the telescope and said it is not the sun but earth that revolves. The people declared him a heretic and hanged. After Galileo Bruno, another scientist said the same thing and the people declared him a lunatic misleading people against religion and faith, and hanged him also. But later on when the scientists of the world confirmed the truth of Galileo and Bruno then all including the inheritors of Galileo and Bruno's family started claiming that our scientists were the first to make this discovery, and built large statues in their memory and honour. But seperate group was formed by any of their followers of the Indian seers who claimed that the God is universal and one; formed several schools of thoughts after them. It is from here the story of misfortune of mankind begins.
In the beginning there was only one race and one ideology with the discovery of iron and the use of clothes, man began to dress differently indicative of his group identity. Dress, food habits etc do discriminate people and divide but they never help them unite and live in peace and happiness.
There is no other theology in the world that which tells something different from Geeta. The definition of God given for the first time by the seers of India is universal. No other definition is given so far by any other philosopher or prelate, nor it is possible in future.
A followers of traditions and vindictiveness and violence can never be a well wisher of mankind. This can not bring in unity in mankind and ensure security of man and his development. To forge this bond of humanity the chief-minister of Madhya Pradesh has taken an unprecedented step of including Geeta in school curriculum and has thus inspired people to our glorious history. This small step, let us hope this initial step will encourage other states and the government of India to include Geeta in school syllabus through out the country and thus enable our coming young generation of students aware of the future, and make them honest, sincere and responsible citizens of the country. Because no other achievement of the world can ensure safe, secure and wholesome way of life. If we see in terms of outcome, man stands today where he was millions of years before, He had nothing permanent and everlasting with him ever today. There is nothing permanent and everlasting with him even today. There is nothing in his life except tears and whatever he has is sure to be destroyed. After destruction sorrow and unhappiness is certain. The result of all achievements of men in the world is ultimately sorrow and unhappiness.
No scientist of the world has invented so far which could give a permanent solution to the problems of man. The result of the inventions by scientists is only destruction, decay and unhappiness. The greatest achievement of this material world can not save us from these problems. All the fabulous wealth and 47th tons of gold could not save colonel Gaddafi from utter humiliation and destruction.
All theologies of the world which saw the light of the day after 'Geeta' do not accept the existence of any other power other than the supreme. All philosophers and the theologies of the world follow Geeta. Therefore, there seems no possibility and justification to oppose it from any quarter. Its inclusion therefore in the curriculum may usher in once again the glorious ancient past along with universal fraternity.
Birds fly in the sky free from fear,
They are never seen clashing against each other.

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