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30 Mar, 2021(English)

Gateway of Liberty.

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Gateway of Liberty.

The whole humankind is descendent of only Manu(Adam). For hundreds of years man was living in tiny tribes at forest. Every tribe had its own languages, traditions and ceremonies but they had same eating and living system. In the beginning they used tree bark further they used animal skin, whatever animals were found in their region.
It was totally misguided advertisement that the evolution of man was done from monkey. These people should also define about the evolution of other infinite creatures or animate beings. Likewise misguided advertisement done about the creation of planets and satellites that they were created on their ownself. These advertisers who were propagating such delusion said that in the beginning there was nothing except the Sun, a burning sphere. Once there was a blast and creation of earth and other satellites took place and they started to revolve around the Sun.
But these wise people never think that either all monkeyes should be converted into men or in this transforming process some monkeys have their hands same like a man, some have head or feet like a man. And why this process of transferring has been stopped on man? why it is not seen further? Why today monkeys are not converting into a man for millions of years?
Now you should have to think on these imaginary theory of scientist, when an object becomes blast it is divided into fixed shapes? and gets established itself into its orbit. While all the planet and satellites are revolving in a fixed shape in its orbit and creating day-night and year. So whole humankind is getting the knowledge of time.
In the beginning we have fruits and flower, bulbs and roots, raw meat etc in our food as available in nature. When forest became fired we got grilled animals that were much testy and digestive.
After a long development man has reached here but living cattle and birds are same as it was millions years ago. The whole world's cattle and birds have same language. All the language of universe are man made not created by God because man always creates something through his mind. Strong tribes always try to impose their traditions and living system on weak tribes even it violence may happen.
Today, after a millions of year these small tribes of human being has taken the form of nations but cycle is old one, imposing his tradition on others through power and manipulation. Is following this way our community is happy, safe and organized? While every man has his target and intent to become prosperous and honourable.
Today in the world by obeying tradition, costume and rituals people can not be safe and organized. If these traditions which can not be safe and organize our self how imposing them on others will make safe, organized, happy and will provide peace to them. What the humankind will get from such traditions which have grief, trouble and lots of problems itself ? Will somebody be called the well wisher, who is taking the humankind into the way of sorrow, fear, trouble and insecurity?
The occurrence happening in the world shows that highest designation or post can not provide favourable, secure and organized life. The president of Lebiya Mr. Gaddafi, who led the Lebiya for 40 years but his 470 tons of gold could not give him safe, happy and favourable life. His wealth can not save his life from sorrow and havoc. The people have be think deeply who is chasing in the blind race towards wealth, honour and post. So that, they can save their time and life.
As this material world was deformed by the intellectualist likewise it happened with spiritual world. When Galilio made first telescope in 1609 and told earth is revolving in its orbit. On this statement the intellectual leader gave him hang till death by declaring as a mental person. Same fact was repeated with Bruno that not only earth, moon is also revolving. The leader of country said, "he is double mental, talking gabble about deity and goddess. He was also hang till death. When many scientists of the world repeated this fact, they told that this research was firstly done by our scientist and made his many large statues. The scientist who repeated Galilio and Bruno's fact, no sect and tradition would be create in their name.
Indian sages(Rishi) done sufficient search in the field of material world and spiritual world. And tried to provide such knowledge for whole humankind. The plants which were decided by Indian sages for diseases are useful for same disease. Today, scientists are getting same result after investing millions of dollar on laboratories.
There is recent incident, the scientist of many countries searched a particle 'Higgs boson' in the endeavours of 30 years after investing 9 billion dollars. That particle is also called the 'particle of God'. But Indian sage searches the God not only 'particle of God' without investing money. And gave the true message to the whole humankind- "A man can get anything or achieve any post he can neither be happy, safe and organized nor he can get peace in his life until he does not achieve the God."
It will be called bad luck of humankind that whoever philosopher and enlightened sage of world narrate the immortal message of Indian sages in his own language to the people of their region, the follower creates a tradition, a sect while the philosopher and accomplished sage of the world said nothing beyond the philosophy of Indian sages (Rishi). Any philosopher of the world can not give the definition of the God which is different from the definition given by Indian sages. All the philosopher of the world who gave the message of only God, are the follower of Indian philosophy. But people created different tradition to the name of that philosophers and enlightened sages. Those scientists who repeat the truth of Galilio never created any tradition to his name but they created different traditions which gave the message of God.
While firstly, searching of God, planet & satellites, plants & herbs was done by Indian sages. The whole humankind knew the planet by the name of that sage who searched it as master of deity Brihaspati search the Brihaspati planet(Jupiter), master of demon Sukracharya searched the Shukra planet(Venus), the son of Surya search the Shani planet (Saturn), the son of Atri, Chandrma search the Chandrma satellite (Moon), likewise other planets were searched by Indian sages. The Indian sages gave the guidance of searching to the whole world.
Likewise today, some groups are spreading illusion and trying to impose their tradition through violence and also trying to expand their boundaries. The group of people who have such kind of thinking have to think whatever they will get from his achievements, is it stable? Will these achievements could save humanity?
Can we get desired life from these achievements? In the early time who tried to extend their boundaries and killed innocent people, Over these boundaries and traditions safe? Will people be accepting 1000 years old traditions and living system? While violence happened in past for imposing these tradition on others. But today, no one will accept such old traditions and livings. In present time the things to which people are trying to get are permanent and stable for that innocent peoples are being murdered? It will give sorrow when lost.
We have to ask these group of violators, whatever you are getting by threatening other is it stable? Subsequently, will remaining puny people not to be a part of revenge? Is anybody ruled on this earth for forever? According to time traditions and administration change itself. The descendent are bearing the outcomes of ancestor's mistakes. The outcome of present will be borne by next generation.
Is the candidate can be ideal of humankind who had left the way of fear, obstacle and revenge? Country and people get defeated in the absence of expert guidance. Is this contunity can be unit humans? Is pushing the future into the mire of ruin will be called humanity?
A chief of family has his hold on his family. In his guidance his family survives. The family have mostly 5-6 members. The person who can not give fearless and peacefull life to his family, how can you expect from him after getting his leadership on country or world will provide fearless and peacefull life to whole humankind.
Today one tradition tries to dominate other tradition. Is any tradition has fearless, problem less peacefully life? If yes, then why people are stressful and fearful? If they do not have happiness and peace then why they are violent? One tradition which does not have except sorrow and tears, what wants to give to other tradition? While by the point of result today humankind is standing where his as his forefathers were standing for millions years ago. Millions year ago neither our ancestor had anything permanent after a vast development nor we have anything permanent which can save humankind from sorrow and ruination. By the point of result anything gained by, to whom we say fool and to whom we say intelligent or scholars have nothing more than sorrow because both do not have anything permanent. Then to whom you will say fool and scholar?
Any language, costumes, living system, eating may create different identity itself but can not give problem free life from sorrow and abasement.
The whole world should have such an ideal (Sanskarit) education system by which future can be secure. It is the duty of every leader or candidate to secure and organize the future by learning from the mistakes of past.
The whole humankind is the part of only one God and descendent of Manu(Adam). For what we draw blood of our real brother? Will a father be happy if we give honor to him and insult his sons? Will a father be happy from those who want to pleased to God but draw blood of his brothers? Will God be happy when his sons are quarreling.
Some people say cycle of rebirth does not take place then why we have to do good works(Karm)? We would arrive or born for experiencing our good works or bad works because we neither feel pain nor feel happiness. It is the group of our senses which feels pain and pleasure.
There are eight main points on which whole human kind has collapsed. By resolving them no one can make his own different identity.

1. There is only one 'Dharm'.
2. There is only one God.
3. There is only one 'isht' (adorable).
4. Whole humankind is one.
5. All enlightened sages are one.
6. All have only one 'Mantra'(Solution).
7. All have same reason of sorrow 'Sanskaar'(The thoughts created by mind or worldly thinking).
8. There is only one way to free from sorrow. (Thinking of God).

These eight are main solutions of all problems of humankind. The solution is given in 'Shrimadbhagwadgeeta'. All the holy scriptures of the world were emerged after Shrimadbhagwadgeeta. If we remove discussion of God from all the holy scripture of the world then nothing will be left to them to give to society except sorrow. Shrimad bhagwad geeta describes systematic way to attainment or realization of God.
Jain and Buddha Philosophy are 2500 years old, Bible 2000 years old, Kuran 1500 years old, Aadi Sankaracharya philosophy is 1300 years old, Sikh and Kabir philosophy is 500 years old and the message of Shrimad bhagwad geeta is 5000 years old. Basically it is without beginning.
"The Lord said, 'It was I who taught the eternal yog to the Sun-(Vivaswat), who then taught it to Manu(adam), who taught it to Ikshwaku. Derived from tradition, this yog was known to sages of the royal state (rajarshi), but at this point, O the destroyer of foes, it declined and was almost extinct. That is the timeless yog which I now impart to you, because you are my devotee and beloved friend." (Geeta, 4-1,2,3)
Geeta is first divine knowledge(wisdom) given to first man Adam(Manu). That's why Geeta is unarguable holy scripture for whole humankind. And whole humankind is a descendent of only Adam(Manu). Whole humankind is called 'Admi' as born from 'Adam' and also called 'Manuj' as born from 'Manu'.
While working hard a man does not get anything permanent, everything will be lost. It will give pain when lost. A government of any country awards school or college after viewing its result. It does not see the attendances of student and teacher. Likewise, whatever a man gets in his life through hard work, is lost and becomes the reason of sorrow. A man never thinks about the result of running of his life so he always tries to splitting each other. Can one be a well wisher of humankind who is taking the way whose result is sorrow? If man thinks carefully what is the result of splitting humankind? Can anybody be a well wisher of humankind who is compelling him into a small boundaries of his principles while the result of any thing or any post is sorrow?
One will be called the well wisher of humankind who opens the gate of self liberty by stopping ruin and conflict.

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